Horrified by the lack of professionalism and sensitivity in the article

I am the manager of Deja Vu, a vintage shop on 4th Street’s Retro Row in Long Beach. I am emailing to inform you that your magazine will no longer be displayed in my store due to your piece on the suicide of two women.

I do not know these women, have no ties to them in any way, but I was still horrified by the lack of professionalism and sensitivity in the article. It was a piece that simultaneously revealed private information and also, in some twisted way, sought to defend the reputation of the deceased. There was no journalistic integrity present in the story. The article assumed I knew who these women were and the story of their deaths already. This story was not journalism, it was gossip. I will not display a magazine that prints such abysmal writing in the store I manage and I have urged others on Retro Row to do the same. No future issue of Collector Network will have a place in my shop. Your magazine has been blacklisted by Deja Vu.

In the future, remember that the dead have friends and families and there is a way to write journalism about the deceased while maintaining respect and integrity. You failed to act professionally in your recent issue and it has cost you in circulation and potential advertising revenue.



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