Publisher accused of “voyeurism and is an invasion of privacy” in regards to article on the Gynomint Twins

IMG_1677To Frank Donadee
Editor of The Collector Magazine

“The reporting of the circumstances of Valerie and Diane Blackler death in the May
2014 issue was certainly a topic which all that knew them personally or by
their consistent joy and happiness they brought to each antique or collectible event
was news we all had waited for. The public media was a bit slow and reluctant to
report on the issues and circumstances but like me, a dealer since 1987 in
Southern California, the antique community waited for The Collector to inform

Although your reporting did clear up some questions, you revealing of intimate details of the color and type of undergarments was completely unnecessary and disrespectful to these two women. Why? Why did you need to disclose this information? It has nothing to do with the case, solving this case or cause of death. It borders on voyeurism and is an invasion of privacy of these woman.

Your extremely poor choice to print this information, showed an interesting side of your reporting priorities and everyone that has read the article that I have spoken with keeps asking “Why? I believe an apology is in order.

Regards, Billy D.


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