Not murdered! Despite claim of Long Beach Press-Telegram photo caption

bad caption

This caption claims the twins were murdered.

Although I have contacted the publication several times through email, comments associated with the story and phone calls, the LBPT continue to run a photo caption which says “The home of Valerie and Diane Blackler, who were murdered there over the weekend in Naples, CA., on Tuesday, February 04, 2014. (Sean Hiller / Staff Photographer).”

This erroneous claim encouraged one commenter who goes by the username of “luvla” to say:
“Does anyone else think it’s a little creepy for 2 adult sisters to be sharing a bedroom?! She probably killed her sister and hung herself. Just creepy people.”

This is the first speculation in any manner that I’ve heard that Diane actually murdered her own sister. This is outrageous. Although I think that “luvla’s” comment was despicable I lay the responsibility substantially on the part of LBPT who continues to fuel such unfounded speculation by not making the correction.
If they are unwilling to make the correction, then they should make a credible defense for their position.

Here is the contact info for a few of the top editorial people; maybe someone can get through to them. I haven’t had any luck!
Carolina Garcia, Editor
(562) 499-1210
Twitter: @cgmetro

Rich Archbold, Community Liaison Director/Editor Emeritus
(562) 499-1285
Twitter: @RichArchbold1

Melissa Evans, City Editor
(562) 499-1280

Robert Meeks, Online Editor
(562) 714-2156


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